Monday, August 6, 2007

This is the ER shelving in a truck

This is the new ER waiting for shelving with lights and fans on, painted floor and ceilings!
This is the empty old ER. So long!
This is the rental truck that didnt fit in the barn.
This is the new ER with shelving!Please consider, OLT staff or friend of OLT - helping at the new ER and moving equipment in the next two weeks. Call Joy (412) 363-3303 for times and details! Thanks.


Sara said...

Wow! The ER looks amazing! You guys have done a phenomenal job. I love the diagonal design on the dividers and the wood on the walls. I am so impressed. Great work!

Steve & Mel Montgomery said...

I'm with Sara on this one!!!! WOW! Great job. Nice trim work around the base of the beams...Attention to detail is not lacking!

It makes me proud to say that I work(ed) with such an awesome crew of folks who would value something like this!

Expectations have been EXPLODED,