Monday, August 13, 2007

Shelving is IN!

Below you will find a tour of the new ER as the shelves are mostly in. I've labeled each picture with the type of gear that will fill the shelves this coming Thursday. Again, if you can spare some time to help fill these new shelves with Equipment, please call Joy. Many hands make light work. Lunch provided! Bring your students!
This is the work bench, complete with tools, a mounted vice, and a stool!

Here is the future office/resource area which will have books, maps, desks, etc. Jackie-dog is sitting atop our map viewing/folding table.
On the other side of the divider from the resource area is a ton of shelving -the smaller shelves on the left will have pots, pans, and cook gear. The shelves to the right will have paddling gear.

Just across the bay, we have the backpacking and climbing section. The tall cubbyhole rack will hold our climbing ropes, and the plywood rack on the wall above Jackie will hold all the hardware. Large shelves to the left will hold tents and tarps.

Here we have the medical corner. Our first aid kits will be easily filled and organized on these shelves and counter space.
Just adjacent to the work bench is our trusty ex-medical bin. Now it will be transformed into a beautiful new spice rack complete with paint-job, bottle racks, and in-cabinet lighting for easy filling.

One of the racks we brought from the old ER is seen here. It is specially designed by Harbo, Inc. to hold 12-16 blue tupperware bins of assorted small gear such as gaiters, mittens, and mukluks. It is seen here perpandicular to the garage door.
It is seen here parallel to the garage door in the center of the room.
It is seen here parallel to the garage door but in the center of the winter camping section... How is this kind of versatility possible, you ask??

We have taken great care and delight in making this new ER a place that works, is creative, flexible and enjoyable.
This one last picture is of our new sleeping bag rack - we will be able to hang over 50 sleeping bags here. Under them will sit our winter camping sleds.

Thanks for checking out our progress. Tomorrow we paint, Wednesday we let it dry and Thursday we move the equipment into place, ready to go out and allow transformation to happen in the woods, on the water or in the snow!

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Sam said...

shelving and arrangement look great! it's good that the job is getting done right. i wish i could be there to help.